2023 Conference Information

PancakesCon 4 occurred on March 19, 2023, and has now concluded. Talk recordings will begin being processed, captioned, and uploaded to our YouTube channel in approximately a month. See you next year!

(CT)Track 1SpeakerTrack 2Speaker
0850-0900OPENING REMARKSLesley Carhart——-——-
0900-0945KEYNOTE – Making Decisions in Cybersecurity and on Your Farm: Creating a Functional EcologyJamie Levy——-——-
0945-1030The Basics of Mac Incident Response and PhotographyThomas ReedSolving Puzzles: in Assembly and on the RockAlex Perotti
1030-1115Why your cyber security career cannot start with cool stuff + Tea, not coffeePetr SpirikContemporaneous Note Taking and Sausage Dogs: How Taking Notes Will Save Your LifeSeth Enoka
1115-1200Collaboration Required: Threat Intelligence Sharing & Coop Board GamesGrace Chi OSINT & Oreos: Using OSINT to uncover a network of “House Hunters” (while trying to make homemade oreos)Supriya
1200-1245Knitting SimsRebecca (Bex) MarkwickPlaying with Exploits in Metasploit & Playing with Ideas via ClowningTina Coleman
1245-1330Cookies — Baking, Stealing, Poisoning, and BypassingNeill PerryDry Cup: A Primer on Cybersecurity in China (and also Baijiu)Jonathan Reiter
1330-1415Teaching Security by Storytelling, with LEGO SetsJoseph KonieczkaContainers, Hardening Against Escapes, and Funk BassJohn McBride
1415-1500Bored Apes: Children’s Television and Non-Fungible Security FailuresRyan CohenAvoiding Bad Stats and The Benefits of Playing Live Trivia with FriendsAdrian Sanabria / sawaba
1500-1545Trauma-Informed Approaches with a Side of Self-Care (Grand Marnier French Toast)Jamie TomaselloLeaky Buckets – From Cyber to SoillessJohn
1545-1630Show me the Money! Cybersecurity Business and Personal FinanceFernando MontenegroFancy Nails and Fancy Rails: how to make “smart” NFC fingernails and the Trans Travel Guide to AmtrakDio9sys (aka Brianna Cluck)
1630-1715Trends in Cloud Security and Fun Facts about Real CloudsGabe SchuylerPowerShell Scripting with Excel and Clear Cocktail Ice on the CheapCDubbs
1715-1800Vulnerability Management You Can Live With (And Might Even Like) / Breathwork For Better…EverythingRobert KerbyBuilding a Cyber Range in Google Cloud & the Magic of Ham Radio’s 10 Meter BandTom Costello, kd9cpb
1800-1845Challenges of manufacturing IoT Devices & Evolving from Cyberpunk to Solarpunk: Actionable Guidance from a hacker for hope into the futureMichael GoetzmanSpinning a Yarn on Atomic TestingTess
1845-1900CLOSING REMARKS / AWARDSLesley Carhart——-——-

Talk Abstracts