Capture the Flag

The PancakesCon CTF is hosted and operated by Security Innovation. CTF Hours are Sunday, March 21st 10am-4:30pm CT. Please join PancakesCon Slack for registration details. Check out Security Innovation’s Community Site for further information on their CTFs.

Important Reminder: This is for fun and learning! If you’re brand new, don’t be intimidated. You’ll find the community is here to help. If you’re a super hacker don’t get so caught up in point scoring that you forgo helping others.

  1. Big Ask #1 – Please don’t publish results! We want everyone to have a chance to learn without spoilers. This also helps avoid dilution of our offerings. In exchange we offer free events, training, community sites, etc, etc. We hope this is a reasonable ask.
  2. Big Ask #2 – If you have a team, group, organization, interviewing process or some other assembly of curious minds that operate in a commercial way, please mention our paid training and Cyber Ranges to them (