PancakesCon will be hosting several Villages this year. Check back soon for more details.

Resume and Interview Village        Want an experienced infosec hiring manager to review your resume, and provide mentorship, critiques, and suggestions live for 30 minutes? Advance sign up is now closed, but see village-resumereview2022 in Slack for details on walk-ins.
Hardware Hacking VillageFrom 9:45AM to 5:00PM, hardware hacking village volunteers will demo hardware hacking basics and answer questions via the village-hardwarehacking2022 Slack channel.

9:45 AM – Welcoming remarks and first Through Hole Soldering Class/Demo with @Blenster
11:00 AM – Using Datasheets to make electronics projects @Red (NOTE: potential for technical difficulties; may be replaced)
12:00 PM – LUNCH
1:00 PM – Arduino 102 dice simulator @TechGirlMN
2:00 PM – How to use a Multimeter and oscilloscope @Blenster
3:00 PM – How to get started in 3D printing @CommieGIR
4:00 PM – Making your 3D printed nick-knacks not look like 3D printed knickknacks @TechGirlMN
5:05 PM – Resistors, Capacitors and electronic components w/ @ednas
6:00 PM – Closing Remarks @Blenster
AI VillageThe DEF CON AI Village will be at PancakesCon doing intro to machine learning and adversarial machine learning tutorials and answering questions throughout the day! (Live Intro to ML at 11am-12:30pm Central led by Gavin Klondike, Materials and AI Villagers will be available to answer questions for those who prefer asynchronous. Live Counterfit/Adversarial Machine Learning Tutorial 2:30 – 3:30pm Central time led by Erick Galinkin, Materials and AI Villagers will be available after the live session for those who prefer asynchronous) Security for AI and AI for Security topics will be discussed in the village-ai2022 Slack channel throughout the day.
Car Hacking VillageMintynet of CHV-UK will have PD0 ‘Car in a box’ available for people to remotely access real car hardware to have a go at Car Hacking. The hardware will be available from 0900 to 1700 Central (1500 to 2300 GMT).. Details to follow. Follow the village-carhacking2022 Slack channel to participate!
Capture The Flag (CTF)Tabitha Sable and Ryan Castellucci will be offering a jeopardy-style CTF with networks to enumerate, boxes to root, and other surprises. The game will run from 9:45AM to 6:00PM, and teamwork is highly encouraged. Details about how to register and participate will be shared closer to the conference, so start collecting your teammates now. Props to Equinix Metal for hosting services. Join the ctf2022 Slack channel to participate!