PancakesCon will be hosting several Villages this year. Check back soon for more details.

Mock Incident Response Village The Mock Incident Response village will be a drop-in workshop that simulates the activities undertaken to investigate and recover from a WordPress site compromise. Participants will visit the Slack channel and be provided a simulated environment containing HTTP server logs, malicious uploaded files, and system logs showing executed commands. They will be guided through the investigation to determine how attackers gained access to the site, achieved code execution, and escalated their privileges on the server. Participants will also engage in some light malware analysis as they review and de-obfuscate the files dropped by the attackers. No experience is necessary; the materials and village volunteers will provide support and guidance.
LEGO® VillageLEGO® Village will be a live stream of the building of a 500 to 900 brick LEGO build and encouragement for attendees to relax and share their best ways to unwind and learn that it is more than acceptable to take time to yourself. The build will start after the keynote, and there will be four half-hour building periods with half-hour breaks in between.
Capture The Flag (CTF)This year’s CTF is sponsored and hosted by SANS You must be in the CTF Slack channel to participate.
To participate in the CTF and all villages, you must be registered with the PancakesCon Slack, and join the associated channel for further instructions.