PancakesCon is a pop-up hacking / cybersecurity conference that most recently occurred on 1/16/2022 (US Central Time). This conference is 100% virtual, not for profit and free to stream.

All PancakesCon talks must be 40-45 minutes long. They MUST consist of two parts: A brief talk about any cybersecurity topic targeted at junior professionals / students, and a brief talk about something which is not IT-related. The non-IT topics can cover anything from hobbies to fitness, cooking to music.

2023 Conference Staff

The 2023 conference was organized by Lesley Carhart (hacks4pancakes), mxshift, , DustinF, Breanne Boland, Tom Williams (ginger_hax), and Corinne (grenlith), supported by a large crew of talented and slightly frantic AV, logistics, and village volunteers.

The CFP Review Board consists of Lesley Carhart, Breanne Boland, mxshift, Emily Gladstone Cole, Grenlith, and Tom Williams.