PancakesCon is a pop-up hacking / cybersecurity conference that most recently occurred on 1/16/2022 (US Central Time). This conference is 100% virtual, not for profit and free to stream.

All PancakesCon talks must be 40-45 minutes long. They MUST consist of two parts: A brief talk about any cybersecurity topic targeted at junior professionals / students, and a brief talk about something which is not IT-related. The non-IT topics can cover anything from hobbies to fitness, cooking to music.

2022 Conference Staff

The 2022 conference was organized by Lesley Carhart (hacks4pancakes), Angela (MegatronAL), Ray Redacted, Tom Williams (ginger_hax), and Corinne (grenlith), supported by a large crew of talented and slightly frantic AV, logistics, and village volunteers.

The CFP Review Board consists of Lesley Carhart, Bryson Bort, Emily Gladstone Cole, Grenlith, Ray Redacted, and Tom Williams.