Introducing our 2023 Keynote: Jamie Levy!

One of the most fun privileges of running my own tiny virtual con is getting to choose from a landscape of amazing human beings in the field to invite to keynote every year.

This year, I am deeply honored that Jamie Levy, otherwise known as @gleeda, has graciously accepted my invitation.

In her own words, “Jamie Levy is the Director of R&D at Huntress, as well as a Core Developer on the Volatility Project. When she’s not messing up hackers’ plans, Jamie runs a small farm that includes goats, sheep, emus, and various types of poultry. “

In my opinion, she is far too humble. It is absolutely impossible to understate the contributions Jamie has made to the field of memory forensics, as well as to cybersecurity mentorship and education. I’m incredibly excited to her her keynote speech, “Making Decisions in Cybersecurity and on Your Farm: Creating a Functional Ecology”, which will open PancakesCon 4.

Introducing our Keynote Speaker!

We’re super excited to announce our Keynote Speaker, Phillip Wylie!

Phillip Wylie is an offensive cybersecurity instructor and practitioner with over two decades of information technology and cybersecurity experience. During his 9 year offensive cybersecurity career, he was worked as a pentester, web app pentester, and red team operator. When Phillip is not hacking, he is educating others. Phillip is the founder of The Pwn School Project, an education-focused cybersecurity organization. He co-authored the book, “The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker” based on his popular talk presented at numerous industry events. He is an Innocent Lives Foundation Ambassador and a ‘Hacking is NOT a Crime’ Advocate. Phillip’s uncommon journey into the field of cybersecurity is preceded by his colorful past as a pro wrestler, where he once wrestled a bear.