Thank you for a successful 2022 PancakesCon!

Thank you for attending PancakesCon 3. We had a marvelous time with all of you and enjoyed the wonderful talks our speakers developed. Congratulations to our CTF winners, with catJAM in first place, and SpaceCows tied with MSP for second place. You will be receiving your awards soon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our amazing team of volunteers in logistics, AV, CFP review, and villages.

In total, we had over 450 unique viewers, over 150 people who participated in villages, and well over 100 CTF participants. These are highly successful numbers for a free, community-run conference, and motivate us to continue running this conference.

Thank you to our raffle prize sponsors! In no particular order: Phillp Wylie, Mxshift, Louis Nyffenegger, Daria Korothkykh, kluthulu, CircleCityCon, and Blenster.

Thank you to our villages! Incredible work by Erick Galinkin (AI village), MintyNet (car hacking village), Blenster (hardware hacking village), lil_lost (resume village), and their entire teams!

With regards to our talks, they will be post-processed, captioned, and posted to our YouTube channel within one month. Thank you to all of our amazing speakers!

To participate in PancakesCon 4, subscribe to updates from this site or to our Twitter. That and our Slack are the best ways to learn about goings-on with the conference.

Thank you again, this conference cannot succeed without your interaction and support!

2022 Schedule is LIVE!

Hi all,

Super excited to announce that the 2022 schedule is live! We have goats to LEGOs, NMAP to SOC2. See our 2022 schedule here!

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the CFP. We got way more great submissions than we had slots for, and we want you to know how very grateful we are for everyone who submitted and also our hordes of volunteers in AV, logistics, moderation, and Villages who are making this possible.

CFP is closed.

Thank you for 130 great submissions. Our review board will be hard at work for the next few days deciding on 24 scheduled talks and 4 backup presentations. Notifications to accepted and backup speakers will be sent by the provided emails by Sunday night, US Central Time (Chicago).

2022 CTF Announced!

Tabitha Sable and Ryan Castellucci will be offering a jeopardy-style CTF with networks to enumerate, boxes to root, and other surprises. The game will run from 9:45AM to 6:00PM US Central Time, and teamwork is highly encouraged. Details about how to register and participate will be shared closer to the conference, so start collecting your teammates now. Many thanks to Equinix Metal for the associated hosting services. Join the #ctf2022 Slack channel to participate!

Introducing our 2022 Keynote Speaker!

Hi friends! I am honored, grateful, and privileged to introduce our 2022 keynote speaker, Elle Armageddon (@ellearmageddon)!

Elle Armageddon (they/them) is a former detection, response, and threat hunt engineer. They are currently the director of security engineering at a late-stage startup where they strive to foster an environment of mutual accountability, freely admit to not knowing everything, and trust the expertise of the engineers on their team. Their day-to-day involves a lot of having concerns and asking to see everyone’s dogs. When Elle isn’t working, they enjoy painting, singing, feeding their loved ones, and pointing out animals and medicinal herbs to whoever they can sucker into going on hikes with them. They also delight in playing games with their friends, and exercising their hugging muscles. While they pass convincingly for human, rumor suggests that Elle may actually be a pile of raccoons in a trench coat.

Con Updates!

Hi all, we’re rolling. Some exciting announcements:

Volunteer slots are filled! Thank you so much to the many people who submitted an application. You should be hearing from our volunteer coordinator soon if you were assigned.

Resume Village and Hardware Hacking village are confirmed. See villages for more information. Resume village sign up closes soon!

Yes! A CTF is in development and we will post details as soon as we have them.

We have had a fantastic keynote graciously accept our invitation and we will post details about them, and their talk very soon.

The CFP closes Thursday, as does Call for Villages. Speak now, etc, etc. Thanks for the amazing submissions so far – our review board is in for hard decisions. We do have an active CFP mentorship channel in slack and are ready to assist!

We absolutely record our talks. Our YouTube is linked in the menu above. However, to participate actively in the con chat, raffles, and Q&A, you must join our Slack, linked above.

For those reserving their schedule, our hours will be 8:45AM – 7PM, US Central (Chicago) time.

PancakesCon 3 – Info and Important Dates!

Due to the recent surge in COVID cases in the United States, and the cancellation of most in-person January conferences, we are back to keep you entertained. PancakesCon 3 will occur on Sunday, 1/16/2022. The conference will be entirely free and streamed virtually, as always.

We’re working to update our site and social media on short notice. Please note the links at the top of this page. The CFP is live and will close in exactly one week – Thursday, 1/6/2022, and notifications will go out the weekend following. This doesn’t give you a lot of lead time, but it doesn’t give us a lot of lead time either. 🙂

We are actively looking for volunteers. Please join the Slack for conference and attendance information, and if you wish to volunteer to help.

We are actively looking for villages. Please join the Slack to chat with us if you have ideas for quick wins.

We do not accept monetary sponsorships to run the conference, but we will happily raffle off prizes or provide them to event or CTF winners. This can also be discussed with the admins on Slack. We do have a swag store and it will be updated before the con. Swag sales go towards our basic operating costs (hosting, streaming, etc).

Thank you!

Thank you to our organizers, volunteers, village coordinators, and speakers.

Thank you to the 500+ people who watched our live streams and the 1800+ people who participated in Slack, villages, and the CTF. We couldn’t have made this a successful year without you.

Thank you to INE, SecurityInnovations, and PancakeBot for sponsoring us.

We are working hard to retrieve and prepare videos for posting on our YouTube channel.

We hope to see you all for PancakesCon 3.