PancakesCon 2 Information

PancakesCon is a pop-up hacking / cybersecurity conference that will be conducted all day on 3/21/21 (US Central Time). This conference is 100% virtual, not for profit and free to stream.

All PancakesCon talks must be 40-45 minutes long. They MUST consist of two parts: A brief talk about any cybersecurity topic targeted at junior professionals / students, and a brief talk about something which is not IT-related. The non-IT topics can cover anything from hobbies to fitness, cooking to music. Share something you’re passionate about aside from computer technology or cybersecurity!

Call for Papers is OPEN. CFP will close on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 8:30PM US Central Time.

Call for Villages is OPEN. Please contact us via Twitter or Slack to propose an event.

Call for Volunteers is now closed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

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