CTF Prizes Announced, Sponsored by INE

Thank you to INE for sponsoring prizes for the top three SecurityInnovation CTF winners (1 per winning team or individual):

  • 1 $749 Annual INE Premium Subscription for a 1st place prize
  • 1 $400 eLS Certification Exam Voucher for 2nd
  • 1 $200 eLS Certification Exam Voucher for 3rd

    INE is the world’s leading provider of hands-on, role-based technical training, maniacally focused on developing experts in the areas of cyber security, networking, cloud, data science, et al. We’re experts in making you an expert.

The INE Starter Pass is 100% free and grants access to not only numerous snippets of all of our course categories but also a full, introductory security learning path, Penetration Testing Student (PTS). PTS comes with slides, videos and unlimited time in our virtual labs to prepare you for eLearnSecurity’s Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification exam (not included). You’ve got nothing to lose and a life-changing career move to gain!

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