Introducing our 2022 Keynote Speaker!

Hi friends! I am honored, grateful, and privileged to introduce our 2022 keynote speaker, Elle Armageddon (@ellearmageddon)!

Elle Armageddon (they/them) is a former detection, response, and threat hunt engineer. They are currently the director of security engineering at a late-stage startup where they strive to foster an environment of mutual accountability, freely admit to not knowing everything, and trust the expertise of the engineers on their team. Their day-to-day involves a lot of having concerns and asking to see everyone’s dogs. When Elle isn’t working, they enjoy painting, singing, feeding their loved ones, and pointing out animals and medicinal herbs to whoever they can sucker into going on hikes with them. They also delight in playing games with their friends, and exercising their hugging muscles. While they pass convincingly for human, rumor suggests that Elle may actually be a pile of raccoons in a trench coat.

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