Thank you for a successful 2022 PancakesCon!

Thank you for attending PancakesCon 3. We had a marvelous time with all of you and enjoyed the wonderful talks our speakers developed. Congratulations to our CTF winners, with catJAM in first place, and SpaceCows tied with MSP for second place. You will be receiving your awards soon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our amazing team of volunteers in logistics, AV, CFP review, and villages.

In total, we had over 450 unique viewers, over 150 people who participated in villages, and well over 100 CTF participants. These are highly successful numbers for a free, community-run conference, and motivate us to continue running this conference.

Thank you to our raffle prize sponsors! In no particular order: Phillp Wylie, Mxshift, Louis Nyffenegger, Daria Korothkykh, kluthulu, CircleCityCon, and Blenster.

Thank you to our villages! Incredible work by Erick Galinkin (AI village), MintyNet (car hacking village), Blenster (hardware hacking village), lil_lost (resume village), and their entire teams!

With regards to our talks, they will be post-processed, captioned, and posted to our YouTube channel within one month. Thank you to all of our amazing speakers!

To participate in PancakesCon 4, subscribe to updates from this site or to our Twitter. That and our Slack are the best ways to learn about goings-on with the conference.

Thank you again, this conference cannot succeed without your interaction and support!

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