Final 2023 Pre-Con Reminders!

We are about a week out from PancakesCon 4, so just a few important pre-conference notes from our team!

  • Streams will be linked on this website the day of the conference, and are hosted on YouTube. We change the redirects on the site if there is any stream issue, so always check back here for the best links.
  • If you want to participate in the conference chat, Q&A, raffles, CTF, or villages, you do have to be in our Slack, linked above. Help us be a vibrant community!
  • Thanks again to SANS Institute for hosting our CTF. Think about playing and learning!
  • Our Villages are also looking awesome!
  • We will have some raffles in Slack during the conference. Once you enter them, you’ll need to be present to win (because we have to know how to reach you!)

One last reminder, be cognizant of the US time change and check your time conversion to Chicago time CAREFULLY!

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